I'm all about Archi[tech]ure


I recently completed my Master of Architecture (Professional) degree and am now an Architectural Graduate at Christian Anderson Architects in Auckland.

In the past I've worked tutoring undergraduate and post-graduate courses across the architecture and building science disciplines, worked at Red Design: Architects and done freelance architecture visualisation.

I am particularly interested in how technology is influencing architecture. My thesis looked at this move towards 'living online' and how we collect massive amount of data through sensors that are now all connected to the internet. Objects such as cell phones, fitness trackers and cameras can now track increasingly detailed data on us such as everywhere we go, who we interact with, what time we get out of bed and how bright our bathroom is. Compounding this we now upload myriads of data (often without realising) into social media platforms. I think there is the potential for increasingly efficient and personalised buildings as a result.

Outside of architecture I’m a keen Ultimate Frisbee player and like going to the gym. I also enjoy collecting data about my life and visualising it - such as mapping everywhere I go.